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10th Apr 2017

Philly McMahon’s reaction to Shane Walsh’s rumoured move to St Vincent’s is hilarious

The upside of rural depopulation

Darragh Culhane



Where do they come from?

In such a small country like Ireland, they like to take off like you wouldn’t believe.

One such man that was subjected to rumours was Galway’s Shane Walsh during the 2017 Allianz League campaign.

The International forward is not sure why but previously there were rumours circulating that he was set to leave Kilkerrin-Clonberne for Dublin’s St.Vincent’s.

Speaking on the GAA Hour, Walsh was quick to downplay rumours.

 “There is absolutely no truth to that, I don’t know how that evolved like that,” he told Colm Parkinson.

And one man to take in interest in the alleged move is Dublin cornerback Philly McMahon

In his interview with Colm Parkinson on the podcast, Walsh recounts his encounter with the Ballymun Kickhams player

“Philly McMahon said to me last week, last Monday up in Dublin, ‘I heard you’re coming up to St. Vincent’s’ and I was like, ‘I heard it too but there’s no truth to it’.

“He says, ‘I love when the country lads come up to the city, I get to thump the heads off them in league games’ and I’m like ‘You’ve definitely put me off the idea if I ever even thought about it’.”

What a gem by Philly…

You can listen to the full interview with Shane Walsh below from 42:10 below.

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