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17th Jul 2021

‘Davy Fitz loves to play the victim when it suits… Always the victim, never your fault’

Patrick McCarry

Paul Galvin

The cat has been launched amongst the pigeons.

Paul Galvin could bite his tongue [or leave his Twitter account alone] no more. Davy Fitzgerald had plenty to say, and Galvin had enough.

When the former Kerry captain was in charge of the Wexford footballers, there was talk from the county that the hurlers, under Fitzgerald, were getting all the shine. If there was a talented dual player, they usually ended up with the hurlers.

Fitzgerald had made the Wexford hurlers All-Ireland challengers again, and he got the breaking ball with it came to any resources, fixture, training or player calls. It never blew out to the open, but plenty in the county were not surprised when Galvin stepped down as football boss in September of last year.

At the time, Galvin stated, ‘Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Dublin my family has moved back to the west of Ireland. I am stepping away from my role with Wexford due to the new time and travel commitments involved.’

Galvin may have been gone but Wexford acquitted themselves well in holding Dublin to their lowest scoring return in the championship, before they bowed out of Leinster. With the hurlers, the Davy show rolled on.

Kilkenny beat them in a thriller, two weeks ago, and they were beaten by Clare today to end their latest quest for the Liam MacCarthy. After his side lost to the Bammermen, Fitzgerald was speaking to media members about how tough his past year has been.

To Galvin, it was red rag to a bull stuff. He posted the following:

One hopes the full story of Paul Galvin and his time in Wexford, and his dealings with Fitzgerald, come to light as it seems to be a gripping tale.

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald himself was very gracious in his post-match interview, wishing Clare all the best for the year ahead. He didn’t look for excuses in some debatable refereeing decisions and aside from “one or two clowns” in the stand, had no complaints.