Oisin McConville "hates" Tailteann Cup's northern and southern format 1 year ago

Oisin McConville "hates" Tailteann Cup's northern and southern format

"I don't think we need to dilute it in any way."

The Tailteann Cup is officially underway this weekend, and although the idea of having a second-tier championship is welcomed, the structure in which the GAA have formatted it, has raised some concerns.


Rather than go through the back door and enter the All-Ireland qualifiers, teams who finished the league in Division Four and Three, will now play in this new championship.

The hope was that they would avoid playing the stronger counties, and therefore enjoy a more competitive and longer championship campaign.

However, the GAA have split it into northern and southern sections, which has resulted in a lot of teams repeating fixtures they have already played.


Former Armagh star and BBC pundit Oisin McConville, has hit out at the GAA's decision to run the Tailteann Cup this way.

"I hate it," McConville told the BBC.

"It was a tough, hard sell to begin with and I don't think we need to dilute it in any way, but I think players are up in arms about this."


Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster's Sportsound Extra Time, McConville said dividing the draw is "disappointing".

"From a players' point of view and a managers' point of view, we had a situation during Covid where we had leagues and they were divided into north and south sections.

"You know what? I think everybody accepted it. It wasn't ideal but we were thankful that players were getting games.

"Now we have had an opportunity to really mix it up and to put teams against each other who would never have had the opportunity to play against each other before.


"I want it to work for everyone involved and everyone who has invested in it".