Louth sensation may just have set a scoring record for a minor final 5 years ago

Louth sensation may just have set a scoring record for a minor final

Jonathan Commins, the master score-taker.

St. Mary's Ardee won the Louth minor football championship at the weekend. 6-21 to 2-10 was the immense final score in the decider over Geraldine's.


The opposition were hardly quiet themselves. They hit 2-10 in a championship final on the same day the Donegal senior title was won on a scoreline of 0-7 to 0-4.

No, they played relentlessly end-to-end open football in the Wee county in a game that really just could not have let up. It couldn't have been possible. Eight goals and 31 points will testify to that. 39 scores in 60 minutes of football. That is crazy.

What's crazier was the individual scoring tally of Jonathan Commins who led the way for Ardee, kicking more than the entire Geraldine's team managed between them.

Commins finished the day with 2-13.



Naturally, he was awarded the man of the match trophy after the wing forward put Ardee nine up at the break with 2-5 himself.


He stuck to points in the second half though, kicking eight of them in total.

In a year that's brought us Tyrone sub Lee Brennan hitting 3-14 in a club league game, Commins' feat in a championship final can still not be understated.

Video via Gaelic Weekly.


In Offaly, young Cian Johnson led the way with 2-7 for his day's work in the minor final there but Commins has managed to even better that and then some.

He's going to do alright, this lad.

But, in fairness, this sort of excellence has been coming for a long time...