Limerick announced as one of four teams heading to Boston in November 1 year ago

Limerick announced as one of four teams heading to Boston in November

Newly crowned All-Ireland champions, Limerick are heading off to Boston, but not on a team a holiday, it is strictly business.

The Treaty men - who defeated Galway to claim a first Liam MacCarthy cup in 45 years on Sunday - have been announced as one of the four sides due to take part in the now annual; Hurling Super 11s tournament in Fenway Park, home of the famous Boston Red Sox.

Limerick have been confirmed alongside Clare, Wexford and Cork as the four teams travelling over to compete against each other.

Hurling Super 11s is different to what we are used to on these shores. Each team plays with 11 players, with unlimited substitutions allowed.

Matches are divided into two 20 minute halves, and only goals can be scored.

The pitch is laid out similar to the sport of Lacrosse which is quite popular in the states. There is a defensive zone and if you can score from outside that zone a goal is worth five points.

Any goals scored within the defensive zone are worth three points.

It is a fun variation on hurling, and is played each year now to promote the games in the USA.

The GAA has clubs throughout the entirety of America, but what better way to promote the games than to send the best teams out to show the locals how it's done.

The first ever tournament in 2015 was marred after a scuffle broke out between the Galway and Dublin players.

Despite the brawl, there was clearly enough of a love of the game for it to brought back over and over again.

We look forward to seeing Fenway Park host hurling once more this November.

The party might just have settled in Limerick by then!