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11th Apr 2023

Wexford chairman says county is proud of their players’ reaction to Chin abuse

Niall McIntyre

Wexford chairman Micheál Martin has said he was proud of the reaction of the his county’s players to the racist abuse Lee Chin was subjected to on Saturday evening.

It was in the closing stages of a benefit game for the paralysed Ryan O’Dwyer when, from the banks of the Carrick Swans pitch in Carrick-on-Suir, a racial slur was directed at Wexford’s talisman.

Upon hearing the comment, Chin’s team-mates immediately rounded on the offending party who was a spectator at the game. The spectators’ actions have since been condemned by both the Tipperary and Wexford county boards.

Martin has also praised the game’s referee for ending the game on the spot – it was close to over when the incident occured, with Tipp leading by 3-28 to 1-14 at the time.

“I think wisely at that stage, the referee called time,” said Martin on RTE’s Morning Ireland radio show.

“I would say we in Wexford are proud of the reaction of our players. I think they called out the action very promptly.

“It’s been widely acknowledged since that what happened was appalling, it was wrong and there’s no place for it in sport or society.”

Martin also revealed that an investigation has taken place into the incident.

“I’ve been talking to the chairman of Tipperary on a number of occasions since.

“It’s important due process does take place and that there’s an investigation… I would like to see it done quickly.”

“Tipperary GAA and ourselves have taken it very seriously. We’re also liaising with Croke Park and an investigation has already commenced I would say and is progressing.”

Lee Chin himself has previously called on the association to get tougher on racism, as Martin acknowledged in the interview.

“I spoke to Lee yesterday. It’s important here to consider a number of factors. Lee first of all, and his family because generally when anything is said to players of any nature it’s their family member who will take it to heart more.

“Players, to a degree are used to this, not that they should be used to it. Lee has spoken previously about this.

“He’s also spoken about the importance of challenging this type of behaviour, not just for himself but for the players who follow in his footsteps.”

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