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19th Jun 2023

Kieran McGeeney calls out moaners on TV after exciting group stage finale

Lee Costello

Kieran McGeeney

“It’s very hard to know what will keep the people on TV happy.”

Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney was in fine form after his side secured a dramatic victory over Galway to secure their spot in the quarter finals.

Galway looked set to top the group, but in a topsy turvsey day that saw Tyrone draw with Westmeath, the Orchard county ended up on top, while the Tribesmen finished second.

The drama was incredible as there were upsets in every direction – Cork beating Mayo, Donegal beating Monaghan, and Kildare beating Roscommon.

Kieran McGeeney

In recent weeks, pundits, former players and fans had been critical of the new group stage format, saying that it was boring, and not entertaining.

However, after yesterday’s grand finish, McGeeney had a message for the naysayers.

“It’s very hard to know what will keep the people on TV happy. I know what keeps the supporters happy, more games, more competitive games.

“Every game we’ve been in was competitive. A couple of years ago we were complaining that there weren’t enough games. Now we’re saying there’s too many.

“There was crying about dead rubbers and now there’s no dead rubbers and that is no good either. You have to sit back and look at it. In some of the games today, everybody was fighting for every single score.

“To me, the system is much better. It’s not the leadership of the GAA I’d be giving credit to, the teams have really leaned into it.”

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