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28th Aug 2016

Kevin McManamon absolutely nailed Peter Crowley in injury time but it sure looked like a foul

Conan Doherty

Shoulder to shoulder? Pah!

Every inch counted. Every second mattered and every break was playing a crucial role in deciding Dublin and Kerry’s enthralling semi-final.

With Dean Rock having brought Dublin back level after going five points behind at the break, it was Kevin McManamon who edged them in front as the clock struck 70. Then, as Kerry attacked, it was McManamon who thwarted them.

Legally, according to referee David Gough.

Seconds later, Diarmuid Connolly was down the other end extending the champions’ lead to two and the Kingdom had no way back. It all hinged on Kerry’s momentum being disrupted.

Their gripes sure as hell seemed warranted.

Peter Crowley came tearing forward for Kerry.


Kevin McManamon lined him up as the centre back approached.


The Dubliner seems to thrust his back straight into the front of Crowley.


Crowley takes it up the face. David Gough looks on, possibly obstructed.


Crowley lies strewn like a man who has taken a high-impact clash straight in the face. The ball pops out, Gough prepares to run in the other direction.


And Pat Spillane praised the referee’s performance afterwards, just to add to it.

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