Kevin Cassidy believes former teammate should be the next Donegal manager 6 months ago

Kevin Cassidy believes former teammate should be the next Donegal manager

What is taking Donegal so long?

Unbelievably, the position for the Donegal senior football manager still remains vacant following Declan Bonner's resignation this summer.


The county have been the most dominant team in Ulster over the past decade, have an unbelievable selection of players at their disposal, and a history of winning behind them.

Surely this should be one of the most sought after jobs in Gaelic football right now, but for whatever reason, the county board are yet to announce any potential successors.

Former Donegal star Kevin Cassidy, clearly bored and frustrated with the situation, takes to Twitter to point out the painfully obvious of who should be taking charge of Donegal, and why.


First up, is the biggest and most important job, which is of course the manager. Cassidy picks Rory Kavanagh for this role, and it would be hard to argue with this selection.

The former midfielder is a legend for his county, and a key part of the Jim McGuinness team that brought home that 2012 All-Ireland title, and helped them reach the final again in 2014.

Kavanagh has made a successful transition from player to manager, taking the job as the main man in his club St Eunan's and didn't take long before silverware followed.


Last year, he guided his club to the county championship, and they narrowly missed out in Ulster, losing in an incredibly tight game against Derry champions Glen.

The rest of the backroom team were listed as follows:

Head Coach & S&C: Michael Boyle


Selectors: Karl Lacy, Frank McGlynn, and Maxi Curren

"All of above well capable of helping on the coaching side of things as well and sensible heads on their shoulders."

Cassidy himself might even be enticed to help out, but one does have to wonder what on earth is taking so long?


The rumour mill will always throw in Jim McGuinness to take the job once again, although he seems married to the idea of pursing a career in soccer.

Other big names available at the moment include James Horan who just left his post as Mayo manager, and perhaps even Seamus McEnaney who recently finished his second stint as the Monaghan boss.