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12th Feb 2018

John Heslin’s savage Twitter reply to Brian Fenton is social media at its finest

Matthew Gault

Brian Fenton


We’re well accustomed to seeing the marketing power of sports stars on social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, their accounts come off as carefully curated campaigns to establish connections between brands and consumers.

We can see why it’s attractive for the companies from a business perspective. All it takes is a harmless Tweet to generate serious social media buzz for their products. The sports stars usually get endorsed too.

That was clearly the craic with Brian Fenton, who posted a photo on Twitter of ‘The Firefly Recovery Devices with the caption, “These have been an ideal addition to muscle recovery over the last few weeks.. thanks again brilliant product.”

While it’s clearly a marketing push, John Heslin was having none of it – and his response is one for the ages.

In fairness, the Westmeath forward has a point – that would certainly get your blood flowing again!

To which Fenton responded light-heartedly with a YouTube video of lambs being loaded. It’s all a bit of craic, but fair play to Heslin for having a laugh at Fenton’s expense. In the Dublin midfielder’s defence, he took it well!

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