Joe Canning's gym routine features four very simple exercises 4 years ago

Joe Canning's gym routine features four very simple exercises

The five-time All Star, former Hurler of the Year and All-Ireland champion takes no short-cuts in the gym.

Joe Canning was finally rewarded, last September, for a life-time of commitment towards Galway and hurling as he helped them to their first Liam MacCarthy Cup in 30 years.


Canning was the toast of the country after playing a key role in getting The Tribesmen over the line, on the way to and, at Croke Park. Even many of the gutted Waterford supporters would have not begrudged the 29-year-old his long-awaited triumph.

Canning has done us a solid by sharing his gym routine with four go-to exercises that have done wonders for him.



"It's good for your arms, your back and your chest"


Canning believes this exercises is great for adding power to your legs and helping with explosiveness, that sportspeople so often rely on.

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Like your regular push-ups but with some extra tin to shift.



"The RDL is really good for hamstring strength. I use it quite a lot as I had a serious hamstring tendon injury last year and it is just good to keep the strength in my hamstrings."

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They should certainly see you right.


We have spoken with Canning, in the past, about his training day diet [see below] and got some great recovery tips from the man. His cheat day is Sunday [post match] and he is often left with a tough choice between Thai curry or pizza.

Joe Canning's Training Day

Wake Up - Porridge with chia seeds and honey

10:00 am - A simple chicken salad

2:00 pm - Dinner Time - Chicken with sweet potato and vegetable

5:00 pm - A Fulfil nutrition bar and a can of Red Bull

7:00 pm - Training Session

9:00 pm - Post-training meal consisting of chicken/Lasagna with quinoa or rice or sweet potato

 You can follow Red Bull athlete Joe Canning on Twitter - @JoeyCan88.