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12th Jul 2017

Jim Gavin’s true reason for defending Diarmuid Connolly should make us all think twice

Standing up for his player

Darragh Culhane


When Jim Gavin spoke to media after Dublin’s thrashing of Westmeath there was one line in particular that stood out from the rest.

After the 31 point victory, Gavin refused to speak to broadcast media.

The Dublin manager made it clear it was because of how Diarmuid Connolly had been treated in the build up and throughout the process.


Speaking after that game he said:

“What concerned me was the way (Connolly’s) good name was attacked before we even saw the referee’s report.”

The comment caused bewilderment, Colm Parkinson said that Connolly no more had a good name than he had himself in his playing days, even Connolly’s biggest fans will admit he’s no angel on the pitch.

Yet, we all took the comment on face value but what Jim Gavin was actually trying to get across was that Connolly has to go to work the day after a game and that his reputation could well and truly be damaged.

Speaking at the breakfast media briefing ahead of Sunday’s Leinster Final clash with Kildare, the Irish Times reported the Dublin manager as saying:

“As I said at the time it’s not absolute, and if I feel that a player, his good name is being disrespected… like he has, like all other sports, intercounty players have to go out on Monday morning and seek out a living, and if their name has been damaged by that, I just feel that is above and beyond what Gaelic Games are about.”

For all that has been said about the Dublin forward there is not much arguing with what Gavin says about his player.