James McCarthy leads the way for Dublin and Mayo player ratings 6 years ago

James McCarthy leads the way for Dublin and Mayo player ratings

The power of Dublin is that Mayo played very well and still lost.

Another serious battle between two serious outfits saw the Dubs make it three-in-a-row but here are how the individuals performed on the day.



David Clarke 6

Great stop to reject Paul Mannion. Safe kicking and cool head for 75 minutes until his last kickout at the very end went straight over the line when Mayo needed the ball. They never got it back.

Brendan Harrison 7


Wrestled with the beast-like Eoghan O'Gara and didn't seem to break sweat.

Chris Barrett 9

Gave Paddy Andrews such short shrift it was almost cruel. Massive, massive second half too. Tackling ferociously, winning breaks, powering out of holes. It was inspiring stuff.

Keith Higgins 6


Played deeper than he might've wanted to so didn't get forward too often and was struggling with Rock's power at times.

Donal Vaughan 5

He was having a great game until a moment of madness forced McQuillan to brandish him a red when Mayo had the free and Small was in trouble.


Lee Keegan 8

Produced the most explosive, most unexpected goal from absolutely nowhere to fire Mayo in front. You'd think he was quiet but he was wrapping up Ciaran Kilkenny with deadly effect when he wasn't bursting into life.

Colm Boyle 6

Struggled with Con O'Callaghan but hit one of the scores of the game at the other end.


Seamus O'Shea 5

Lots of running forward but there was a white heat in that engine room and he wasn't always up to pace with it.

Tom Parsons 7

All over the pitch, running to a standstill and keeping momentum going when he could but tired later in the match.

Kevin McLoughlin 7

Couple of big scores, couple of real dirty balls won at his feet and in the air.

Aidan O'Shea 7

Great in the air, battering ram going forward, a bull in defence. Had a chance to put two between them after the goal and it would've raised the roof off Croker but it tailed wide.

Paddy Durcan 6

Lots of good running but left his shooting boots at home.

Jason Doherty 7

He was brilliant in the first half. Running at boys like he didn't give a toss, scoring and setting up points but left a massive, massive goal chance behind.

Cillian O'Connor 7

Real hot and cold performance. Some of his finest scores to date throughout the game but mixed up with some wild shooting and a few sloppy passes.

Andy Moran 8

Phenomenal start with three points in the first half. Won ball all over the full forward line and then set up Keegan for the goal in the second period.


Diarmuid O'Connor 6

Gave fresh legs and directness.

Stephen Coen 5

Same again but couldn't stop the flow.

Conor Loftus 6

Didn't get a lot of time but looked sharp and lively and very damn keen with a few moves.

David Drake

Not on long enough to be rated.

Danny Kirby

Not on long enough to be rated.


Stephen Cluxton 7

Under pressure in the first half with his kickouts. Produced a crucial stop on Jason Doherty and came up trumps when it mattered most.

Philly McMahon 6

Didn't really know where to be at times. Had a free role for large spells but didn't impose himself on the game as much as he can.

Michael Fitzsimons 5

Really struggled on Andy Moran.

Jonny Cooper 6

Looked to have the measure of O'Connor but looser than you'd expect. Still came away with some battle-ready challenges.

Cian O'Sullivan 7

Because he's been so good in the sweeper role, he hasn't always got the credit he deserves. He's athletic as hell and he doesn't let much by him and he even set up the goal with a neat kick pass.

John Small 6

Hit a big, big score and was striding up and down the pitch. Perhaps the second yellow was a little harsh but he was overzealous.

Jack McCaffrey 5

Desperately unlucky to pull up with what looked like a serious knee injury very early on.

Brian Fenton 9

Brilliant. Up and down with no relent. Beautiful kick passing. A third season, a third All-Ireland.

James McCarthy 9

Man of the match. Two points from play - two gorgeous points from play - and a performance of tireless running. Seemed like no-one was picking him up and he was the constant thorn for Mayo all day.

Ciarán Kilkenny 6

Stifled by Keegan and had to move to half back after McCaffrey's injury. Lost Keegan then for the goal.

Con O'Callaghan 8

A goal of the highest quality. Balls, skill, sublime finishing. Colm Boyle had big problems with him.

Paddy Andrews 5

He's had better days at the office. Wrote off Ciaran Kilkenny before being whipped off at half time.

Paul Mannion 7

Repaid his manager's faith to keep him on when he came very, very strong in the closing stages. Always probing, always looking for pockets.

Eoghan O'Gara 5

An interesting decision to throw him in but it didn't work.

Dean Rock 9

Shook off a couple of misses early on to go on and kick seven scores - three from play - and win Dublin the All-Ireland. That last kick was special.


Paul Flynn 6

Got a lot of time but didn't really seem to make a huge impact on proceedings.

Diarmuid Connolly 9

He was absolutely brilliant. So composed, so clever. His passing was breathtaking at times and his working back was just as breathless.

Kevin McManamon 8

When people talk about the Dublin bench, they do it for a reason. Came on at half time, kicked a big score and put Mayo on the back foot.

Bernard Brogan 5

An exciting change but he was well gobbled up.

Cormac Costello

Not on long enough to be rated.

Niall Scully

Not on long enough to be rated.