Hurling referee may regret using GAA analogy to illustrate Conor McGregor's dominance 3 years ago

Hurling referee may regret using GAA analogy to illustrate Conor McGregor's dominance

Another Conor McGregor victory and again the debate is opened: Is he the greatest Irish sportsperson of all time?

Tweets like the above generate a slew of replies listing the likes of Padraig Harrington, Roy Keane, Barry McGuigan, Brian O'Driscoll, Rory McIlroy, Katie Taylor and the O'Donovan brothers (soon enough).

It is of course a matter of opinion, with those who dislike MMA as a sport instantly dismissing McGregor's claim, but it is always interesting to have these debates after any major sporting achievement - it it all part of the fun.

One thing that is undeniable is the widespread appeal of McGregor, with everyone from international footballers to pop stars tweeting their congratulations in the wake of the Dubliner's impressive second round stoppage of Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

Four-time All-Ireland hurling final referee Brian Gavin was among those captivated by McGregor's exploits and, true to form, the Offaly man used a GAA analogy to spell out the dominance 'The Notorious' enjoyed over the now deposed lightweight champion.

Having knocked Alvarez down three times in the first round alone, it was fair to say McGregor was competing in a different sport to his stunned rival. Gavin saw it as an unassailable gap.

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Why poor old Leitrim though? Their near neighbours Sligo were statistically the poorest hurling team in 2016, in the league at least.

One man suggested the gulf in class was more equatable to the Leitrim footballers taking on their near mythical Kilkenny equivalents.

Another reply was unhappy with the adoration of the Cats from an intercounty referee.

However the final word goes to Leitrim footballer Emlyn Mulligan, who points out an Offaly hurling fan has some neck bringing up any county's performances against Kilkenny.

You can see his point...

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