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14th Apr 2023

QUIZ: Beat the clock to name the counties with most ‘Hurler of the Year’ winners

Patrick McCarry

hurling quiz

Eight counties have their star players honoured since the award was first introduced.

The 2023 All-Ireland Hurling Championship is almost upon us, with the best and brightest set to duke it out for the Liam MacCarthy Cup. We have a nice hurling quiz for you all, to get you in the mood for a great championship campaign.

Since 1995, the he GAAGPA All-Star Hurler of the Year award has been handed out to the player voted as best in the country by his peers.

Players from eight counties have, to date, shared 28 of these prestigious awards. We are giving you just 90 SECONDS to get all EIGHT counties.


A few will come to you right away, but the final couple may prove tricky.

Get what you know up and out, then focus on those final ones that will get you full marks. Good luck!

If the hurling quiz (above) did no display properly for you, give a it a try on the Sporcle quiz page.

hurling quizHenry Shefflin, Kilkenny, celebrates with the Liam MacCarthy after winning it for the ninth time, at Croke Park, Dublin. (Credit: David Maher/SPORTSFILE)

Hurling quiz and more testers

Henry Shefflin has the most Hurler of the Year awards, with three, while Cian Lynch has two. Shefflin was the oldest ever winner, at 33, while Tony Kelly was only 19 when he took home the prize, in 2013.

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