CCCC order replay of All-Ireland club football final 2 months ago

CCCC order replay of All-Ireland club football final

The CCCC have ordered for the All-Ireland club football final to be replayed.

Representatives from Glen and Kilmacud Crokes attended a meeting in Croke Park on Monday night, where the full CCCC (Central Competitions Control Committee) convened to discuss the game that divided the country.


The Dublin champions defeated the Derry champs by 1-11 to 1-9 in the All-Ireland club final, but the controversy all kicked off in the wake of the final whistle.

That was when it became clear that Crokes had defended Glen's last gasp 45 with too many players on the pitch, due to an error during their late substitutions. Conor Casey had been subbed on for Dara Mullin, but both players remained on the field in those dying moments as Robbie Brennan's side kept Watty Grahams Glen at bay.

This was a breach of rule Rule 6.44 (b) (i) of the GAA’s Official Guide, which states that a proven objection for a team exceeding the number of players permitted as per Rule 2.1 (15 player) can result in either the award of the game to the opposing team, or replay, or fine, depending on the circumstances.

Glen since made an objection to the GAA over the breach and, with the sounds from Stillorgan indicating that Kilmacud had no interest in a replay, they soon met their opponents with a counter-objection.


However, the CCCC met last night and they came to the decision that the game should be replayed.

Crokes now have three days to appeal that decision to the GAA’s Central Hearings Committee and, from there, they could take the case to the Disputes Resolution Authority. The DRA is the last resort in GAA disputes and was gained renown in 2015, when it cleared Diarmuid Connolly at the 11th hour to play in the 2015 All-Ireland semi-final replay vs Mayo.

Therefore, a replay is not yet guaranteed.


If it was to take place, the replay will have to be fitted around an already congested county season that began last weekend.

Glen players Conor Glass and Ethan Doherty have since played in Derry's opening Allianz National League win over Limerick, though no Kilmacud Crokes players were involved in Dublin's win over Kildare.

There are more league games this weekend before a break on February 11/12, though that is the weekend of Glen player Emmett Bradley’s wedding.