Clare manager sent off for flinging Cork player to ground 1 year ago

Clare manager sent off for flinging Cork player to ground

Anthony Daly loved the passion but fellow RTE pundit Derek McGrath felt the Banner co-manager went too far.

Clare boss Gerry O'Connor could be set for a lengthy ban after he clashed with Cork forward Daniel Kearney.

O'Connor was sent off from the sidelines after he allowed himself to get involved in a tussle between Kearney and one of his players along the sideline.

Kearney was eager to get hold of the ball for a sideline cut but O'Connor stepped in and then pushed the Cork forward to the ground.

O'Connor, heedless of his own involvement, then began to manically gesture to the linesman that Kearney had struck his player.

Fans in Ennis let their voices be heard as a schemozzle ensued:

Players from both sides rushed to the scene and it took officials over a minute to get a handle on events. O'Connor was sent to the stands and Kearney received a yellow card.

Over on RTE, former Clare captain Anthony Daly declared, "It’s exactly what we needed."

Former Waterford boss Derek McGrath was not so sure and expressed his concern that O'Connor allowed himself to get involved in the incident.

The reaction to the flashpoint was mixed:

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming days and weeks.