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16th Jul 2015

Former Armagh manager warns of serious consequences for both sides in Davey Byrne investigation

Joe Kernan worried for Dublin

Kevin McGillicuddy

The pressure is mounting

The fall out from the now infamous challenge game between Armagh and Dublin is yet to be fully teased out, but one well known Armagh man feels that the GAA investigation could prove very sticky for one side in particular.

Joe Kernan’s son Tony is part of the Armagh panel, and speaking at Croke Park on Wednesday, the All-Ireland winning boss from 2002 feels that the GAA investigation will need to look at all aspects of the row that left Dublin’s Davey Byrne with a broken nose,

“It was serious but if they are going to look at it, look at the whole video and see what happened and how it started. It’s very simple.”

“The fact that it started at the start of the game raised eyebrows rather than the last five minutes in the heat of battle.”

The GAA last week looked set to leave the issue rest after referee Fergal Kelly made no mention of the alleged incident in his match report.

However subsequent to an interview given by Jim Gavin last Thursday, it is now believed that the GAA will investigate what took place before and during game with the use of video evidence.

Dublin’s next game will be an All-Ireland Q-final, while Armagh’s season is over after their loss to Galway on Sunday. Kernan feels that any investigation, or possible sanction for anyone found guilty of infringements, could have a major impact on Dublin’s season

“It could be tricky for this year if players are seen to be fighting in a video, it could be tricky for this year. Unfortunately, it happened.

“They are going to investigate it and we will have to wait and see what the findings are. They’ll make the decisions based on what they see.”

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