The five acceptable goal celebrations in GAA 2 years ago

The five acceptable goal celebrations in GAA

You have to get it just right.

As much as the game has reached new levels of professionalism, there are still key factors that separate it from the likes of basketball and soccer.


One of them being the celebration when you score. It's incredibly rare you would see any rehearsed dances, summersaults or secret handshakes in Croke Park, or anything that is premeditated for that matter.

That's not say there isn't any passion, it's just much more instinctive, reactionary and usually filled with testosterone.

If it has been a frustrating game, then it can be a release of pure relief, or if you are hammering the opposition, then it can be subdued and respectful.

Here are the five acceptable goal celebrations in the GAA.


1. The Shearer point

You're not getting carried away, but nobody is so in control of their own emotions that during these moments of pure ecstasy that you can be completely still. The hand up with the index finger pointing upwards is a recognition of your joy, a sign to the fans that it was for them, and maybe a nod to the person who set it up. A classic.

2. The snarl


"F***ing get in!!" The snarl, is when you haven't maybe had the best game, the referee has been against you, the marker has been sticking to you like glue, whispering in your ear the whole time, then BANG! You rip the net a new one, you turn with your muscles flexed, teeth gritted and veins popping out of everywhere. Pick that one out!

3. Mark up!!


Yes I know I just scored a worldie, but this is hardly the time to celebrate, mark your men, get the next kickout for gods sake. Keep this up and you will definitely be in for a shout of the captaincy next year.

4. Just lose it

COME ON!!!! This is what it's all about! Relief, delirium, pure unadulterated joy! You won't even remember the celebration after, it was completely done on instinct and emotion.

5. The consolation


You just scored the goal of your life, but you're getting battered and can't be seen to celebrate. Just keep the head down, look respectful, and hope ma is recording The Sunday Game.