What exactly does your GAA sock choice say about you? 3 months ago

What exactly does your GAA sock choice say about you?

Sock game is strong.

Don't for a second tell us it's a coincidence. Don't even try and claim that you just pick up a pair of socks willy nilly and let them sit on you whatever way they want.

We're above that at this stage and we can see right through those lies anyway.

Some lads mightn't actually give a damn about looks but comfort and familiarity is on top of their agenda. Others wouldn't go out on the field unless they had their shaping socks good to go.

It's different strokes for different folks but everybody has their own favourites and their own ideas. It could be something that worked the last time out, it could be a change because it all went to pot last time out.

GAA players take the sock game seriously.

Socks up to knees

A throwback to a bygone era. Rewind thirty years and every second player on the pitch will have their seams tested to the limit and their calves covered like a professional soccer player.

Back then, it was seen as a sign of respect to have the socks stretched. For the pre-match parade it wasn't even a question.

Nowadays, the knee-high ambassadors are a rarity. Few and far between but there are a few lads still fighting the hard cause.

Most of these lads are into their traditions. Their parents always did it and they were taught it from a young age.

Take Walter Walsh and Andy Moran. Two men who don't know any other way.


You have to be fast to wear the socks up. That's why Lar Corbett and Graham Reilly get away with it.

If you're lacking a yard you need to take a good, long look at yourself.

Ankle socks

Call it off.


The new breed.

The game is gone according to the senior members of the dressing room.

The young lads claim they're less sweaty and are good for blister prevention. Fails to mention that he's been doing calf raises in the gym for the last ages to pull off the look. Skinny lads, these aren't for you.


Baggy socks hugging ankles

Don't give a damn but they want you to know they don't give a damn either.

Hard as nails. Generally the team's full back who won't take any nonsense and would love if he didn't have to wear a gum-shield or a helmet.

He has loads of hairs on his legs. That's a coincidence though.

Standard white socks

Oh I didn't have any GAA socks at home.

That's a load of rubbish and you're not fooling anyone. This fella has been watching too much soccer on the television, has seen Neymar and co training with white Adidas numbers and he reckons he can pull it off.

A real fancy Dan of a lad. Any man who veers into this territory just wants attention.

Suit socks

Junior B.

White socks over socks

This isn't 2010.

Soccer socks

Cop on to yourself.

Tape on your socks

This isn't 2010.