Eammon McGee's hilarious tweet about the price of streaming GAA games hits the nail on the head 1 year ago

Eammon McGee's hilarious tweet about the price of streaming GAA games hits the nail on the head

"DM me your bank account number."

We live in a wonderful age where it is possible to stream club games that could normally take you up to five hours to travel to.


It means that those in Ulster can watch the magic of the Kerry championship on their TVs and vice versa, it's brilliant exposure for the clubs and the players who don't normally get the air time.

However, the price to stream these games is expensive, and you can almost forgive it when you're watching a county final between two brilliant clubs that you normally don't get the pleasure of watching.

But when it comes to pre-season county competitions, such as the McKenna Cup, were team's are very upfront about the fact that it is a warm-up tournament, and used to blood new players in shake off the cobwebs.


Of course it isn't a case of not caring whether they won or lost, but you as a viewer are by no means seeing the best of the best go toe to toe, giving it everything they got.

So for the streaming services to watch these games cost nearly Є20 in some cases, is simply just absurd.

Last night Donegal took on Down in what was the first outing for both teams in 2022, and the price to stream it online was Є12.


If you're a Donegal supporter and pay this for every game of the tournament, right to the final, then you will be spending over Є50 just to watch these lads play glorified warm up games.

Former Donegal hero Eamon McGee took to Twitter to perfectly sum up the feeling behind paying such money for these games.

"Anyone paying over ten euro to watch a McKenna cup game DM me your bank account number, my cousin from Nigeria has passed away and I have an amazing investment opportunity for you."

If you didn't laugh you would cry.