Dublin and Mayo players clash in tunnel at half time 2 months ago

Dublin and Mayo players clash in tunnel at half time

Mayo brought the fire and brimstone and, for the best part of 60 minutes, this was a battle.

But Dublin eased their way home in the end and shut down the contest when the end was in sight.

At half time though, it was all in the balance.

Mayo looked the better team for much of the first period and, despite finding themselves two points behind at the break, Dublin had just been reduced to 14 men for what would be the first 10 minutes of the second half.

And tensions flared going into the changing rooms as Philly McMahon was pinned to the wall by Keith Higgins and pushed by Philly McMahon.

On punditry for RTÉ, Oisin McConville gave his take on what the cameras picked up.

"Before the game, I said I'd love to see Dublin have their feathers ruffled a little bit and that's exactly what's happened.

"Philly McMahon's obviously had a word with Cillian O'Connor on the way in. Keith Higgins has taken exception to that.

"And it's the first time all year I've seen somebody stand up to the Dubs and bring a little bit of a fight to them."

In the pictures, you can see McMahon laughing and Higgins in the yellow bib react by pushing him and then grabbing him by the throat.

Aidan O'Shea, who was walking behind Cillian O'Connor, gets involved by pushing McMahon in the back of the head whilst O'Connor tried to calm the situation.


It didn't seem to faze McMahon though. And it obviously didn't affect Dublin as they came out and finished off another championship campaign with Sam Maguire in the bag.

For Mayo, it's now four final defeats to Dublin since 2013.

They also lost the 2016 and 2017 deciders and were put out by the Dubs in the semi-finals in 2015 and 2019.