Who Dublin and Kerry are going to mark Gaelic football's best players with 1 year ago

Who Dublin and Kerry are going to mark Gaelic football's best players with

Kerry have game-changers. Dublin have game-changers.

We see your Stephen O'Brien and give you Con O'Callaghan. We see your Con O'Callaghan and raise you David Clifford. There will be star quality littered all over Croke Park on Sunday.

How are some of them going to be blotted out of the game? How are some of them going to get so frustrated that they won't even want to see the ball?

A good old-fashioned man-marking job is the answer. We saw it in the semi-final where Paddy Durcan did what was asked of him.

He lined up one of Dublin's danger-men Jack McCaffrey. He didn't just mark him, but gave him plenty to think about too and by the end of the game the Clontarf man was on the game's periphery while Durcan posed a threat.

We all know Dublin's match-winners - you're talking the likes of O'Callaghan, Mannion, Fenton and Kilkenny won destroyed Mayo between the four of them. You're talking Jack McCaffrey.

As for Kerry, Clifford, Geaney, O'Brien and O'Shea can win games on their own. How will Dublin face-up? The GAA Hour previewed Sunday's All-Ireland final and here's how Wooly, Conor and Conan see the match ups going.

How Kerry will match up

Stopping Dublin isn't that difficult.

Just shut out Cluxton and McCaffrey and McCarthy and Fenton and Kilkenny and O'Callaghan. And Paul Mannion. If you can do that, then at least you'll have half a chance.

Tadhg Morley on Con O'Callaghan

Morley is taken as Kerry's best marker. Con O'Callaghan is the country's red-hot forward.

Game on.

Jason Foley on Paul Mannion

He was tasked with Cathal McShane and while conceding 0-3 from play, that's almost a given on one of the best forwards in Ireland this year. He has pace and plenty of it. Has lots of football. He'll just need to add some teak tough marking this time to shackle one of the most dangerous forwards in the country.

Jack Barry on Brian Fenton

"The plus of having him in there is he can compete in the air, because he's a monster of a man. Also he has no problem sacrificing his game just to follow Fenton. He has the physique as well," says Parkinson.

Tom O'Sullivan on Ciaran Kilkenny

"Tom O'Sullivan is now their go-to man-marker," says Wooly.

That's exactly why many reckon he will face down Con O'Callaghan. But the Dingle man's success has come on forwards like Peter Harte, Kerrigan, Cillian O'Sullivan. Half forwards.

Man-marking on the half forward line is very different to man-marking on the full forward line. Just ask Lee Keegan.

Gavin White on Jack McCaffrey

White has the pace. As a half back, he has the discipline. He might not have the same bite as Paddy Durcan had going forward but he is most likely Kerry's best match for the fastest man in football.

How Dublin will match up

John Small on Stephen O'Brien

Mick Fitzsimons on David Clifford

Fitzsimons is often tasked with Dublin's toughest jobs. They don't get much tougher than the Fossa man.

Cian O'Sullivan on Paul Geaney

Hasn't played that much football this year, but when it comes down to it, Jim Gavin usually trusts the Kilmacud man. And with good reason too.

Jonny Cooper on Killian Spillane

This one comes with a caveat. It's generally accepted that if Tommy Walsh gets the nod to start for Kerry, then Killian Spillane will be the fall guy.

We'll let Wooly take it from here.

"If Tommy Walsh starts, which I think he should, it throws Dublin's match-ups into disarray. It rips up the script. Now Fitzsimons will probably have to go over or maybe Philly McMahon...Here's the thing, play Tommy Walsh, have him out for kickouts. Let Philly McMahon mark him. Philly wouldn't compete with him, then get him back in. Let him in and out. What would Dublin not want? It's this headache..."

Shane Enright on Dean Rock

Under Eamon Fitzmaurice, Shane Enright was often Kerry's go-to man-marker.

"And not always great at it," says Heneghan. "I remember Cillian O'Connor taking him for 2-5. Even when he was Fitzmaurice's go-to marker, he was there for the taking..."

You can watch the All-Ireland final preview show right here.