What Dublin GAA's new jersey could have looked like if they had opted to leave O'Neills 9 months ago

What Dublin GAA's new jersey could have looked like if they had opted to leave O'Neills

Dublin GAA have had a long-running relationship with jersey manufacturers O'Neill's.

However, for a few crazy days back in 2016 it looked like the Dubs might be breaking with tradition and going with a "continental" kit manufacturer.

In the end, it never came to pass, but it did get our creative juices flowing.

What could the new jersey look like if it was made by a company best known for producing gear for that foreign game? We decided to conjure up 15 prototype jerseys based on actual ones the three aforementioned companies have made to see if what the Dubs could be in store for.

Here's what we came up with. Here's what the Dublin County Board ignored.

Their loss.


Don't leave us just yet, there's plenty more to come.

Dublin GAA


Benfica 2015/16

Put me down for two.

Dublin Benfica

Bayern Munich 2007/08

Cluxton, we're looking at you.

Dublin GAA


Clogs are optional.


Dublin GAA

Czech Republic 2016

Not sure if this is made of fabric or body paint.

Dublin GAA

France 1984

Perhaps this would be better suited as Jim Gavin's attire than that of the players.

Dublin GAA

FC Basel


Ballsy and just different enough that it could work.

Dublin GAA

Cameroon 2014

Could you imagine?

Dublin GAA

Mexico 2010

The only drawback is that it looks a bit like a rejected Man City shirt design.

Dublin GAA


Boca Juniors 1981

Retro is totally in now, right?

Dublin GAA

Houston Dynamo

Modern is totally in now, right?


Dublin GAA

Olympique Marseille 2010


Moving swiftly on.

Dublin GAA

Ivory Coast 2014

Arguably the only one that looks remotely like the current Dublin jersey.

Dublin GAA

Liverpool 1989

We're not sure who'd hate this more, the Reds or the Everton fans.

Probably the Dubs.

Dublin Liverpool

Ireland USA 94

Sure it's unsightly, but the nostalgia should help you hold down the vomit.

Dublin GAA

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