Damien Comer targeted in brutal, chaotic Armagh and Galway brawl 9 months ago

Damien Comer targeted in brutal, chaotic Armagh and Galway brawl

"Absolute chaos."

Armagh staged a stunning comeback from six points down to force extra time, but no-one was talking about the thrilling on-field action. Damien Comer suffered a grim rake to the eyes and his Galway teammates were incensed.


As both sides headed for the changing rooms, an almighty brawl broke out on the sidelines. Armagh coach Kieran Donaghy was attempting to keep the players apart, but the former Kerry forward could not stem the tide as both sets of players flooded the scene.

Seconds after Rian O'Neill had equalised, there was a spat that centred around Damien Comer soon escalated. In the midst of the melee, Comer appeared to be raked across the face, with contact made with his eyes.


"A shame on all the players involved"

During the break between the final whistle and extra time, the RTE panel discussed the nasty brawl.

"It's disgusting," said former Armagh star Oisín McConville. "It's something we don't want to see."

"Disgraceful scenes," added Pat Spillane. "A shame on all the players involved. There was a gouging incident... Holy God."


Damien Comer

Players and officials from both sides become embroiled as they make their way to the dressing rooms after full time ended in a draw at the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Quarter-Final match between Armagh and Galway at Croke Park, Dublin. (Photo by Daire Brennan/Sportsfile)

Before extra time started, Aidan Nugent (Armagh) and Sean Kelly (Galway) were both red-carded.