Con O'Callaghan's reaction to nasty looking injury a true measure of himself, and of Cuala 11 months ago

Con O'Callaghan's reaction to nasty looking injury a true measure of himself, and of Cuala

It was only two weeks ago that these lads were toasting their second All-Ireland club title in the space of two years.

Only two weeks ago, they had reached the very top of the club game after 12 months of hard training, after coming out the victorious side of mammoth battles every time they took to the field.

The men of Cuala must have been buzzing in O'Moore Park, Portlaoise just two weeks ago. It's a serious achievement for any club side to win a county title, back it up with a provincial championship and then to still be hungry enough to claim an All-Ireland.

Two weeks was all they would have before that journey would begin again.

12 months is a long time, 24 is even longer and with Cuala winning two All-Irelands in a row, these lads have had scant opportunity to relax in the last two years.

With the way the GAA has gone now they wouldn't have had much time to let their hair down in that period. After reaching this peak, they must have been looking forward to just stepping away from it all for a while.

Fat chance of that with the GAA's questionable calendar. They would have the maximum of a week to bask in the glory of this glorious achievement because they would be back in training then in preparation for this year's journey. In reality it's a never-ending journey for them.

Mattie Kenny's men are such a credit to themselves that they keep on going and keep up those lofty standards constantly.

And now they're setting off on their third year with no signs of them slowing down.

On Saturday, they defeated St Brigid's in the first round of the Dublin senior hurling championship. They got off to a rocky start in the inclement conditions of a soggy Saturday evening in Parnell Park.

It took them 15 minutes to register their first score of the game as St. Brigid's put it up to them.

It was even more worrying for Cuala and indeed for the whole of Dublin when Con O'Callaghan went down after rolling his ankle during that period.

Hardy as O'Callaghan is, and with his true Cuala spirit shining through he played on. It may not have been the wisest decision because he did appear hampered any time the ball came his way from then on, but this is the type of man you're dealing with.

It will take something serious to knock him down. Eventually, he was called ashore in the second half but that appeared more precautionary than necessary. Con himself certainly didn't call for the substitution.

Here's to hoping it's nothing serious and heals in due course.

From then on, Cuala just did what they always do. They didn't panic even when things went against them. They stayed loyal to their patient passing game and that was eventually what won this game for them.

They could easily have lay down here when that first half onslaught came and they were trailing by 1-2 to 0-4 after 24 minutes. They could easily have shied away from the battle that they've come through on so many occasions before.

That's not Cuala's style though and that's why they're the best in the business.

Darragh O'Connell lead from midfield. Cian O'Callaghan was like a wounded lion in defence while Nicky Kenny and David Treacy did most of the damage up top.

In the end it was business as usual. They won with seven to spare on a scoreline of 1-14 to 1-07.