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28th Jul 2023

Conor McManus opens up on his future and potential return to Monaghan team

Lee Costello

“There’s absolutely no hesitation that I would go again.”

Monaghan fans will by praying that Conor McManus will be available for their county next season as the 35-year-old is yet to make a decision on his future.

Gaelic football fans in general will be hoping that the evergreen forward returns, such is the talent at his disposal, pretty much everyone respects and admires him.

The good news is that McManus wants to come next year, and will if his body allows him to do so. Speaking on the The Game on Sunday podcast, the flying forward explains his thought process.

“I have issues with my hip and if I thought that it would give me another season, there’s absolutely no hesitation that I would go again,” said McManus.

“But it’s just trying to figure out whether that will be the case or not. If it’s a case that I’m not playing for Monaghan next year, that will be the sole reason for it.

“It won’t be for not finding time or not wanting to commit or not enjoying it, none of that is an issue. It’s simply if my hip will allow me to go again. That decision isn’t going to be made today or tomorrow.

“We’ll see how the club season goes and we’ll see how I’m moving or how I’m getting on at the back end of winter and starting into 2024. Nothing will be decided until that I suppose.”

“It’s a Championship of disappointment,” said McManus. “A lot of outsiders and people outside the camp are saying it was a good season for Monaghan and that we did well to get to a semi-final and what not. We don’t see it like that.

Conor McManus

“We had a chance to get to an All-Ireland, to be preparing for this Sunday’s All-Ireland final against Kerry as it turned out to be. So ultimately it’s a season of disappointment.”

It was Monaghan’s second semi-final defeat in the last six seasons.

“Some day it will happen, I fully believe it,” said McManus of Monaghan’s All-Ireland dream. “Whether it happens in the next year or two, or in the next five, 10 years, it will happen and some Monaghan team will break that ceiling.

“The more Monaghan teams that try to put ourselves in that position, and as often as you possibly can, then it becomes an environment that young kids in Monaghan are used to watching Monaghan in Croke Park and it becomes second nature.”

It’s fair to say that fans will be keeping a close eye on the club championship in Monaghan this year, and praying that McManus is wrapped in bubble wrap.

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