Congress approves new championship restructure for 2023 with 94.7% approval 1 year ago

Congress approves new championship restructure for 2023 with 94.7% approval

Green Proposal is given the all go.

After Proposal B narrowly failed last year in congress to revamp the championship structure in such a way that the league would become the championship, and provincial cups would be separate, a new format has been approved.


This structure will be a tiered championship where the eight provincial finalists will compete for the Sam Maguire Cup along with the next eight teams ranked highest in the league.

These teams will enter a round robin, much like the Super 8s format of 2019, and will be placed into groups of four, and the winners of each group will advance to the All-Ireland quarter finals.

Those who finish second or third, will then battle it out for a place in the remaining four spots of the knockout stages.


The 16 counties who fail to qualify for the top-tier competition will enter the Tailteann Cup, which will be structured in the same setting of four teams per group.

The delegates were unanimous when voting for this new revamp, with 94.7% voting in favour of it.

The National League and provincial championships will remain the same, with no alterations made to the current structure that it is played in.


Congress will also be making a decision on the current underage structures given to county and club teams, with particular interest surrounding the those at minor level.

A motion for u19s has been put forward, while others wanted a return to the traditional u18 minor and u21 groupings.

As it stands the minor age bracket had been changed to u17, which caused a backlash by many involved in the GAA, claiming that it would increase the number of dropouts in the game, particularly for those who are not developed enough to go into senior level.