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Leaked list of Senior Intercounty team's Code of Conduct has some ludicrous rules
Ankle socks out, curfews in

'What the managers want these days are robots.'

Tonight, Newstalk's Off The Ball revealed some of the stringent and, frankly, insane rules intercounty players must now follow if they want to play for their team.

Presenter Colm Parkinson caught sight of one Senior Intercounty team's Code of Conduct, revealing all on the show.

Parkinson is by no means a fan of some of the draconian measures imposed on the country's top GAA stars. He remarked, 'Ronaldo wouldn't make a GAA team as he is wearing earrings.'

Check out the lists of wrongs and wrongs.

County team Code of Conduct

You can listen to the full radio segment here.


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