This 17 second play against Derry highlights David Clifford's unique mentality 4 months ago

This 17 second play against Derry highlights David Clifford's unique mentality

17 seconds that would make or break Kerry's season.

David Clifford was outstanding against Derry, and although he kicked nine points in the game there is one passage of play that really underlines his greatness.


The Kerry captain was man-marked by Chrissy McKaiuge, who is widely regarded as the best man-marker in the game, but he still managed to get an incredible output on the board.

In he first half the Fossa man was in flying form, and was in fact, the only reason that the defending champions were still in the game.

Derry were running rampant, kicking 1-11 in he half, and spreading the variety of scores over eight different players in this time - their intensity was incredible.


However, because of the miracle man that is Clifford, he managed to keep them in touching distance so that they only went in at half time three points down.

The Kingdom got their act together in the second half as Sean O'Shea really started to step up and the introduction of Stephen O'Brein gave them a real boost.

However, despite all of the amazing things that Clifford had already done in the game, this one passage of play gives you a real insight into his mentality.

With 68 minutes on the clock and Kerry winning by a single point, every single possession is key, so when the ball is worked to the hands of Clifford, heart rates in the Munster capital started to drop.


Unbelievably though, in a moment that showed that he is in fact a mere mortal, the sharp shooter fist passes the ball straight into the hands of Brendan Rogers, the Derry midfielder.

The Slaughtneil man is the last person Jack O'Connor's men would have wanted the ball to get to as he can make up serious distance with the ball in hand.


In comes a tackle from Sean O'Shea that could have been awarded as a free, and the ball spills out back to Clifford who scoops it up.

This man had just spent well over an hour carrying his county on his back, being hassled and harried by one of the most feared defenders in the game, and in his sheer exhaustion gave the ball away only seconds earlier, but off he goes with purpose and drive.

The reigning Player of The Year advances on the Derry goal, carrying it right into the D, and has two options, both right and left to pass the ball for his teammates to score.

However, despite being in the more difficult position, and having his big mistake from earlier fresh in his head, he still backs himself to take responsibility and kicks it over the bar.


In just 17 seconds, Clifford lost possession, reclaimed it, and scored - not wasting as much as a single thought on his mishap, and having full confidence in himself to do the job.

Elite mentality.

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