Ciaran McFaul, that is all 1 year ago

Ciaran McFaul, that is all

Glen 1-18  0-12 Scotstown

Derry champions, Glen, upset the odds in their first ever run in the Ulster Championship, and beat the experienced Monaghan champions, Scotstown.


The Watty Graham's have stars all over the pitch including Conor Glass, Emmet Bradley and man of the match, Jack Doherty.

However, for pure entertainment value alone, you cannot take your eyes of Ciaran McFaul, the centre half back who just loves bombing forward.

With two burners on each feet, he just blazes past players, making his runs from deep and attacking the opposition right at their heart.


With the number six on his back, you wouldn't think that he would be main threat going forward but the galloping strides and sheer strength to break through tackles, makes him their most dangerous asset.

It isn't all direct attacks either, with a bag full of tricks in his back pocket, and more dummies than a toddler's birthday party, he is so difficult to stop.

Ciaran McFaul

This isn't to say he completely shrugs any defensive duties that he may have either, as his runs off the ball are nearly the most impressive thing about his overall play.


With insane fitness levels, and. bigger gallop than a Grand National race horse, he is the first man to burst back into defence when his team loss possession.

You will notice that I said "nearly" the most impressive thing was his runs off the ball, and that's because his vision on the ball has to be his best attribute.

after what has been a fairly defensive and cagey club championship, seeing a player get the head up, and actually kick it forward, is a breath of fresh air.


He tries to thread through balls for the forward to run onto, he uses the inside of his foot to caress the ball carefully to its target, or rips through with the outside of his boot to split defences.

Not every pass pays off, as is the nature of playing a kicking game, but it gives opposition defences so much to worry about.

Even at the end of the game, McFaul launched a ball in, and although it broke and didn't reach the intended target, it eventually broke to the feet of Danny Tallon who buried it into the net.

Essentially, McFaul plays as a quarter back for the Derry side, and it's a joy to watch.