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23rd Jul 2023

One line from Cian Lynch’s victory speech jumped out as quite surprising

Patrick McCarry

Cian Lynch

Stood in for the injured skipper and delivered on and off the pitch.

Cian Lynch made an excellent victory speech as his Limerick teammates, and their supporters, basked in another All-Ireland final triumph.

Kilkenny gave the reigning champs a few scares but the Treaty men upped the ante for the final 30 minutes of the match and cruised to a four-in-a-row win. After the game, the first people Lynch highlighted in his speech were panel members that did not make the match-day squad – Jimmy Quilty, Sean Finn, Richie English, Mark Quinlan and, of course, our captain Declan Hannon.

“Looking down at this group of men in front of me,” said Lynch, “a panel of 37 lads, there has been a sheer honesty shown over the last number of years and months.

“I suppose from the outside in, we may look like a team, but we are a family. We stand by each other in the bad days and even more so the good days.”

Lynch then paid tribute to the team’s hurling and skills coach, Paul Kinnerk, before a line that jumped out to us as somewhat surprising, especially as this Limerick side are renowned for their fitness and conditioning. Lynch said:

“To our strength and conditioning coach – a few of us came back in the winter on the wrong side of the scales, Cairbre Ó Cairealláin, thanks a million.”

Cian LynchCian Lynch makes Limerick’s victory speech, at Croke Park. (Credit: RTE)

Cian Lynch on John Kiely

During a victory speech that stretched to five minutes and really demonstrates how many people are involved with modern-day inter-county sides, Cian Lynch saved his John Kiely ode until near the end.

“He is a spiritual guide, a spiritual leader,” said Lynch.

“He’s a man that has given all of us an opportunity over the last number of years. A man we all look to for guidance and support week in and week out, so John Kiely thanks a million.”

Cian Lynch also thanked the families of all the Limerick panel for sticking by the players, and he stressed the respect his team has for Kilkenny.

The final hurrah was a nod to ‘the best supporters in the world’. “Ye stand by us through thick and thin. Let’s go and paint Limerick green!”

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