PODCAST: Brian Cody's treatment of hurler of the year JJ Delaney is the most Brian Cody thing ever 5 years ago

PODCAST: Brian Cody's treatment of hurler of the year JJ Delaney is the most Brian Cody thing ever

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Another fact: Brian Cody has no time for your tall poppies.

Get too big for your boots and the Kilkenny manager will kick you out the Nowlan Park gates faster than you can say "savage intensity".

This was what JJ Delaney found after he won hurler of the year in 2003. The preeminent wing-back in the country at the time and one of the stars of the All-Ireland winning side, none of this made a bit of difference to Cody when the lads returned in 2004 and bid for a three in a row.

Chatting on the GAA Hour Hurling Show about reigning hurler of the year Austin Gleeson's start to the season and struggling with the mantle, Delaney said Cody was sure to put a stop to any notions he may have had when he returned to training.


You can hear it from 36 minutes onwards or continue reading below.

"I didn't feel any different but Brian Cody made it his business to make sure the head wasn't getting too big," said Delaney.

"He would call you out on bits and pieces you were doing. I thought I was going well, okay in the league but he made a point of saying you're not hurler of the year now, the year is over," he said.

"That was his management style, your feet are going to be well and truly planted underneath the ground. Not on the ground."

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