Armagh GAA game abandoned for a very unusual reason 6 years ago

Armagh GAA game abandoned for a very unusual reason

A referee can terminate a game for the following reasons,among many others



Excuse us while we make our way through the GAA rule book to find exactly where it says that a game can be abandoned for not speaking to a referee.

We're sure that Crossmaglen Rangers are probably doing the exact same thing, after their Armagh senior clash with Ballymacnab was called off 20 minutes in due to an apparent communication mix-up between management and the referee.

Gaelic Life are reporting that the match was halted minutes after after Cross joint manager John McEntee entered the field to speak to his goalkeeper.

According to the newspaper as he was leaving the pitch he spoke to the referee.

The official,who is named as Michael Leonard,then tried to speak to McEntee but the former Armagh senior star did not engage within three minutes.

The referee then abandoned the game as Ballymacnab were leading by a point because McEntee did not offer himself to speak to the referee as requested within three minutes.

The matter will have to be dealt with by the CCCC of the Amagh County board but according to the newspaper Crossmaglen were unaware that the referee wished to speak to Burns.


We're not exactly sure what rule the referee was following as this is all we could find in the Official Rules 


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