All the WhatsApp messages you missed from your GAA group chat yesterday 10 months ago

All the WhatsApp messages you missed from your GAA group chat yesterday

It was a nice break in fairness.

It was a magical few hours yesterday evening when WhatsApp and Facebook shut down, and the phone wasn't constantly lighting up with the same messages from the hundred different GAA groups you are in.


If you've ever been in one GAA group chat, then you have been in all of them, as it is mandatory for every club to have at least one of these characters on the panel.

For anyone who felt like they were missing out, here are the five messages you probably missed out on.

1. The wannabe captain


Every team has at least one over-enthusiastic WhatsApper, who feels that a key part of their role in the team is to keep everyone motivated and inspired.

2. The one person who takes it too far

This person has a gallery full of some of the most disgusting content you can ever dream of. Videos, images and voice notes that would put you off your dinner.



3. The 'PlEnTy Of WaTeR oN bOaRd' guy

What would we do without this customary message? The whole squad would be throwing up Doctor Pepper at half-time otherwise.


4. The 'It's not good enough' person

The not-so-accountable dude who wants to make everybody accountable. Maybe if you rant enough in the group, no one can blame you for your own mistakes.

5. Excuses, excuses, excuses...


Where would we be without our group chats? In fairness they do come up with some comedy gold, and where else would be better to organise a feed of pints after a game, other than the team WhatsApp?

Still though, it was a nice break while it lasted.