The 6 gym exercises all GAA players should be doing for their shoulders 3 years ago

The 6 gym exercises all GAA players should be doing for their shoulders

Shoulders, who needs them?

GAA players for one, as the man says if you can't break a tackle you have no business playing senior football.


There's nothing better than breaking a tackle or, in reverse, absolutely mincing a man and putting him on the floor.

But to do this you need shoulders and lots of them, small shoulder muscles will get you nowhere in senior football.

Lucky for you we've recruited some help in the form of a personal trainer Daragh Ryan, who works out of FlyeFit Drumcondra, and is also a senior footballer for Whitehall Colmcille.


Daragh has previously told us four ways to grow your biceps and now has six exercises to help get them shoulders nice and big.


Military press 

Simple this, all you have to do it remember to keep your wrists above your elbows and lift them weights.

As Daragh always recommends it's all about form over weight and nice, clean repetitions.

Four sets of eight are more than enough here.


Seated Dumbell shoulder press

The bread and butter of all shoulder exercises. One man, two dumbells and his shoulders being pushed to the limits.

Much the same as the military press it is all about form and make sure to lift with just the shoulders and don't let other parts of the body help with the movement.


Landmine press

Okay, this is where it's going to start to really burn.

As Betty Wright said 'No Pain (No Gain)', clasp that hand and push that bar.

We won't keep you tortured for too long, just do three sets of eight (or try).

Side lateral raises 

This is all about being nice and controlled.

Drop them weights right down to something manageable, lift with them shoulders and for the love of god do not let the wrists go above the arms.

And hold at the top too.

Try to do three sets of ten here.

Rear Delt fly 

Keep that chest nice and low and let them rear delts do the work.

It's the exact same movement as the side lateral raises so happy days.

Four sets of eight here will do the job.

Push press

How are them shoulders holding up?

They've probably caved in a couple of times now but you can do it!

Do you think Aidan O'Shea has shoulders like he does by giving up? No sir, no he does not.

If it makes you feel better this is the easiest of the lot, you can use the rest of your body to help you.

But with that, you may as well do four sets of ten.