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12th Apr 2023

“The pen is mightier than the sword” – Leitrim GAA hits out at criticism of their players

Niall McIntyre

Leitrim GAA have hit out at the criticism their players were subjected to after their Connacht championship quarter final loss to New York.

Leitrim became the first county ever to lose to New York in the Gaelic football championship on Sunday when, after drawing a blank in the penalty shoot-out, they found themselves on the wrong side of history.

New York had tried and failed on 22 previous attempts in the Connacht championship but after many near misses and moral victories, they finally got their win.

They will now travel over to face Sligo in a fortnight’s time in the Connacht semi-final whereas Leitrim head for the Tailteann Cup.

There was devastation in Leitrim after the game on Sunday which, according to a message posted on the Leitrim GAA website on Tuesday night, led to the players and management receiving criticism that made ‘for difficult reading.’

Leitrim statement

“The preparation, dedication, and effort put in by all concerned in the run-up to this game was supposed to cumulatively lead to a win and a place in the Connacht semi-final,” read their statement.

“It wasn’t to be, unfortunately, and we heartily congratulate New York on a historic victory. Their scenes of unbridled joy were in sharp contrast to the desolation felt by our lads at the final whistle.

“New York have many years of ‘what might have been’ since they first entered the Connacht SFC in 1999, and last Saturday, their long wait for a victory came to an end.

“We wish them the best of luck in less than two weeks as they prepare to take on Sligo in the Connacht semi-final.

“We look forward to the Tailteann Cup and we implore anybody with an interest in the promotion of these young lads to maintain positivity over the next number of weeks. It is easy to be critical, and positive criticism is always welcome.

“Some of what has been posted in the aftermath of last Saturday night makes for difficult reading and, dare (we) say it, has been made with little thought for those on the receiving end.

“The pen is mightier than the sword so always bear in mind that our players are dedicated and exemplary young men who give up huge chunks of their time and make tremendous sacrifices in pursuit of an amateur sport that is supposed to be for everybody’s enjoyment.

“It goes without saying that our team management left no stone unturned and did their utmost to have the lads primed for the match.

“All we lost on Saturday night last was a mere game of football. We are very proud of them all as indeed we’re certain are their parents and all the family members associated with them.”

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