We'd love to know how long Martin Tyler had this gem in his back pocket 6 years ago

We'd love to know how long Martin Tyler had this gem in his back pocket

5 January - Wilfred Ndidi signs for Leicester City.

8 February - Wilfred Ndidi scores his first goal for Leicester City.


It was a long wait (34 days) for Foxes fans to see the first returns on their £17 million investment but the wait must have felt even longer for veteran commentator Martin Tyler.

Tyler, one of the best in the business at what he does, presumably pays close attention to the transfer marker and will have keenly scribbled down some potential calls he could throw out to mark Ndidi's first goal once the 20-year-old's arrival was confirmed last month.

"Ndidi doody?" Not bad but doesn't really make any sense.

"A friend in need is a friend Ndidi?" Really fun but makes even less sense.


"Yes Ndidi?" Holy fucking shit!!!


We can envisage Tyler spitting his coffee all over his pristine kitchen floor when that gem arrived into his brainbox and all the frustration of waiting over a month to roar it into his microphone came out when the Nigeria international finally got off the mark for the reigning Premier League champions.

The goal came during Leicester's 3-1 victory over Derby in their FA Cup fourth round replay on Wednesday night and it's not hard to tell that Tyler enjoyed it just a tad.


And we definitely weren't the only ones to spot it...