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30th Sep 2015

Watch: Robbie Savage made a bit of an eejit of himself on commentary duty tonight

Think before you speak, Rob

Robert Redmond

Robbie Savage’s commentary style is very, err, unique.

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, and Leicester City midfielder, was in the gantry for BT Sport’s coverage of Borussia Mönchengladbach v Manchester City, and was his usual, excitable self.

Savage got particularly excited over an incident in the first-half which saw Lars Stindl booked for an apparent dive.

Savage was adamant that the referee was making the correct decision though, saying he and his team of officials got the booking “spot on”.

And then Robbie saw the replay.

“You’ve got to say, on second glance, that’s a penalty, he’s got it wrong!” Savage screamed.

Next time, Robbie, wait for the replay before making a definite judgement.

Earlier in the evening, Savage’s attire didn’t go down well with some Twitter users.

And either did his excitable commentary during the game.

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Robbie Savage