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23rd Feb 2023

Thierry Henry, Micah Richards, and Jamie Carragher reveal biggest ‘trash talkers’ in Premier League

Lee Costello

Henry Richards Carragher

‘He didn’t back it up.’

Thierry Henry, Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher all reveal the biggest ‘trash talkers’ that they came up against in the Premier League.

Even at the highest level, players try to get an edge with some trash talking, and on CBS’ Golazo Champions League show, the pundits all shared their experiences.

Former Manchester City right back, Richards, didn’t need much time to think and jumped in straight away with his answer.

“Easy. Clint Dempsey.”

Henry Richards Carragher

“Who you talking to, Dawg,” Carragher responded trying to imitate the American.

“You know how it goes. You know the lingo. He talks so much… I was going to swear then,” Richards said.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher pondered for a moment before deciding on a certain Welshman that certainly had a talent for winding people up.

Henry Richards Carragher

“I’d say Craig Bellamy,” the ex centre back said. “That’s a good one,” Henry replied. “I was never in his zone.”

Bellamy played with Carragher during his two stints at Liverpool, and although they got on very well, when he was in an opposing team the striker didn’t think twice about handing out a tongue lashing to his old friend.

Henry was the only striker on the panel, and given his status as Arsenal’s star player for so many years, the frenchman must have heard all kinds of verbal abuse from players in an attempt to put him off his game.

This is a forward who has won the World Cup, Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, La Liga, and many more trophies, but the person who most got under his skin wasn’t exactly the most glamorous name.

“For me, I would say – he shouldn’t have done it – but it was Robbie Savage,” Henry added.

“You would be like ‘Please carry on talking’. I liked it, it wound me up. You won’t be able to match it after so stop talking. When you talk like that normally – no disrespect to Robbie – but when you talk like that you have to back it up. If you don’t back it up just don’t talk.”

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