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03rd Oct 2015

Watch: Robbie Savage has made a ludicrous claim about his football ability

"At times I was world class"

Robert Redmond

No you weren’t.

Robbie Savage is a lot of things, but a world class footballer isn’t, or wasn’t, or ever will be one of them.

The former Leicester City midfielder was involved in a ‘debate’ on last week’s edition of Fletch &  Sav, prompted by comments in Alex Ferguson’s new book, over the nature of what makes a player “world class.”

“What defines ‘world class’?” Savage mused, as he wore the same outfit as his co-presenter Darren Fletcher.

“Because, at times, I’ll be honest with you, I was ‘world class'”.

shocked_joey_friendsNo you f****** were not.1474For those of you who don’t remember Robbie Savage as a footballer, he was the mirror image of Savage as a football pundit. Limited, loud and annoying but somehow spent the majority of his career in the Premier League.

Here’s Savage alongside two actual world class players.

It seems Savage was confused about the difference between putting in a good performance, and actually being ‘world class’, and his nonsensical comment was rightly met with laughter from Michael Owen, Ian Wright and Steve McManaman in the BT studio.

Here’s Thierry Henry offering insight into how he dealt with ‘world class’ Robbie Savage during their playing career.

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