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06th Aug 2016

Liverpool legend John Barnes was sound enough to rap for fans on the tube today

He's still got it...

Simon Lloyd

Saturday was a good day to be a Liverpool supporter.

With Jurgen Klopp’s first full season at the helm just a week away, a 4-0 battering of Barcelona at Wembley was a hell of a confidence boost for the Merseysiders, who are back in the capital to face Arsenal next weekend.

Perhaps just as enjoyable for many a Liverpool supporter was the sight of their manager refusing to speak to The Sun in his post-match press conference.

But things were about to get even better for those Reds that found themselves sharing a train ride away from Wembley with none other than club legend and former England international, John Barnes.

Barnes, who spent a decade plying his trade at Anfield, was encouraged by Liverpool supporters to recreate his legendary rap from New Order’s World in Motion – a song synonymous with England’s run to the semi-final of the 1990 World Cup.

Did he oblige? Of course he did – much to the delight of the excited supporters that shared the carriage with him.

Amazing stuff from Barnes. If only Liverpool fans could book him for the trip home from every away match…

And speaking of away matches, after their first league match at Arsenal, Liverpool face a further two away days at Burnley and Tottenham.

Anfield’s construction work is scheduled to be completed soon, but won’t host its first match of the season until Leicester arrive on Merseyside next month. Let’s hope for their fans’ sakes they can sort out some decent entertainment for their trips back home.

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