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13th Dec 2018

WATCH: This is how Kevin Kilbane got on with his debut DJ performance


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“Slight mistake during the second track…”

In case you haven’t heard, former Republic of Ireland footballer Kevin Kilbane is a DJ now. When we last saw him, he was seeking the help of Groove Armada.

Now though, the time has finally come. DJ Killa is officially on the decks for a live show in front of a large crowd.

Kevin Kilbane is gone, and in his place we have DJ Killa. His debut as a DJ took him back to the excitement he felt when he first stepped onto a football pitch.

Kevin Kilbane on the decks

Seeing as it was only his first ever live set, it’s understandable that things didn’t go without a hitch. When he encountered a technical fault during his performance, he recovered like the pro that he most certainly still is.

His experience as a footballer is what helped him get through that minor hitch. Once again proving that you should always back yourself.

This video series with Kevin Kilbane is part of the “#BackingDoing” campaign from AIB, which is aimed at inspiring people to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. No matter how big or small your dream is, get out there and pursue it.

Brought to you by AIB

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