WATCH: Kevin "DJ Killa" Kilbane teams up with Groove Armada 5 years ago

WATCH: Kevin "DJ Killa" Kilbane teams up with Groove Armada

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"It's a nervy one now."


As we showed you last week, former Republic of Ireland footballer Kevin Kilbane is having a go at being a DJ. While we haven't yet gotten used to calling him "DJ Killa," this is something the 110-cap international has always wanted.

Despite having absolutely no experience with mixing equipment or anything of the sort, he's taken to it like a duck to water. Now two weeks into his journey, he's sought the help of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay of Groove Armada.

Having been told he has 29 days to prepare for a live show with the duo, Kevin was understandably nervous. It's not every day you're told something like that, unless you're a seasoned pro like Andy and Tom.

"29 days? And you've had what, 29 years' experience," Kevin said.


Your first set doesn't always go to plan, so Andy had wise words for him. No matter how things are going, you've got to look confident.

"If things are not going particularly well, put your arm up like that and look totally confident and smile," Tom said.

Words to live by when you're chasing your boyhood dream.


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