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04th Apr 2015

VINE: Swindon manager needs to go to gym as he’s taken out by MK Dons player on sideline

Out of my way fool

Kevin McGillicuddy

This is the best tumble we’ve seen since Di Canio-Alcock had their run-in

There has been enough incidents recently between footballers and managers on the sideline at games that both should know better to stay out of each others way. Who could forget Nigel Pearson get up close and personal with James McCarthur while Alan Pardew is never once to shy away from getting involved when players are near the technical area.

By that standard Swindon manger Mark Cooper really should have known better than to get so close to the action today. His side were taking on MK Dons in a big clash in League One when Dean Lewington crashed into the Swindon manger sending him tumbling.

The MK Dons captain can hardly plead innocent either as he clearly pushes Cooper as ard as he can back into the dugout. Officals from both sides quickly intervene to prevent any major incident but the tumble is by far the most entertaining thing we’ve seen from the lower tiers of English football today

To add insult to injury Swindon lost 3-0 at home.

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