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07th Jun 2015

Video: Whatever Michael D Higgins said to Raheem Sterling really pissed him off

Not a happy camper

Ben Kiely

Raheem Sterling didn’t enjoy his pre-match small talk with the president one bit.

Before the match where time stood still, Wayne Rooney did the usual pre-international ritual of introducing El Presidente to all the English players.

All was going swimmingly until Michael D Higgins met Raheem Sterling.

The president shook the winger’s hand, said what we presume was a kind greeting, but as soon as he moved onto the next man, a pained expression washed over his face. Sterling’s face dropped almost immediately after the handshake and he began staring rather menacingly at Michael D.

Clearly he didn’t enjoy the brief exchange with the president at all.

One of our readers managed to get a brilliantly timed photo of the now infamous Sterling stare. Cheers to Paul McNeela for sending this wonderful image our way.

Sterling fan pic

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