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09th Nov 2014

VIDEO: Step aside Dunphy and Giles, this young pundit knows what he’s talking about

Charlie puts Gary Neville to shame with an articulate dissection of Man United's tactcs

Darragh Murphy

At 10 years old, most of us were struggling to grasp the tricky concept of putting a ball into a goal. Not this little gem.

Young Charlie gives an unbelievably accurate analysis after United’s gritty 1-0 win over Crystal Palace yesterday.

While the majority of kids would have nervously mumbled: “Man U were good,” Charlie was able to point to key elements of footballing tactics in his review of United’s performance such as Januzaj “slowing play down” and defences “sussing out” Angel di Maria.


The miniature Andy Gray (without the Scottish accent and veil of misogyny) was asked for his opinions after he impressed last week when discussing United’s downfalls against Manchester City.

Pundits on football panels around the world have now sat up and taken notice, as have I. My job’s far from safe with him around.

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