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21st Jan 2015

Video: Aston Villa forwards have no trouble scoring after all (they just need a control pad)

Lambert's boys getting competitive over a game of FIFA

Conan Doherty

Nine goals. Not words Villa players are used to seeing together.

But it turns out that they do know what goalposts and nets look like at Villa Park after all as three of the side’s attackers – and Darren Bent – went at it over a good old-fashioned game of EA Sports’ FIFA 15.

Andi Weimann and Christian Benteke teamed up to take on Gabby Agbonlahor and Bent in a best-of-three contest on the PlayStation and they played out a thrilling 5-4 classic in the first bout. We had to double check, but they did that with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich – which makes much more sense to us now.

The lads play out three games in total with Bent and Agbonlahor losing when they made the shift to Chelsea and ended up with nine men. There are a couple of funny interviews after each game, the Villa players taking it more and more seriously because, let’s face it, Paul Lambert hasn’t let them see much by way of attacking this season.

What we’re really wondering though is… why the hell are Weimann’s dribbling stats at 96 on the wall behind them?

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