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08th Apr 2015

Video: Aden Flint is our new favourite player after saying he doesn’t want his former club to get promoted

More of this please

Neil Treacy

Aden Flint is raging against the dying of a football light.

In a world where players write open letters to fans and refuse to look pleased when doing their job against a former team, there is a revolution rumbling.

A few weeks ago, we wrote a piece about how great it was to see Danny Welbeck and David Luiz actually celebrating goals they scored against their former teams, and it seems their influence is seeping down into the lower leagues, much like diving did in the 90s.

Last night, Bristol City beat Swindon Town 3-0, eight clear at the top of the League One table, and 15 points clear of Swindon, who are third.

Being a former Swindon player himself, Flint was asked after the game how much he’d like to see his former club follow Bristol City up into the Championship, to which the defender uttered these three magical words: “No! No, No…”

The look of sheer disgust on his face as he’s asked the question is absolutely delightful.

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