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14th Nov 2014

Video: 2 years ago today, this Zlatan bicycle kick made Stan Collymore forget he was English

It's been two years since Zlatan scored one of the greatest goals of all time

Ben Kiely

It’s been two years to the day since Zlatan scored arguably the best bicycle in the history of the beautiful game.

I know this might be a big ask in the age of 140 character limits and six-second videos, but try (or at least try to try) to jog your memory back 24 months ago. On this day in 2012, Sweden welcomed England for an international friendly in a game that contained a moment of magic from a certain pony-tailed Swedish striker.

The PSG forward’s overhead kick was so astoundingly good it made Stan Collymore disregard his English heritage, and savour the superb finish. Despite being comprehensively beaten 4-2 by the Scandinavians, even the English can appreciate the fact that they witnessed something very special.

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